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Re: MG Holiday Sweep Stake!

Subject: Re: MG Holiday Sweep Stake!
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 95 09:41:30 PDT
> What is the highest mileage that any of you have done in your MG 
> without having to attend to the slightest thing? Should be 
> interesting as a guage of MG reliability.
> RoB.................
> MG Midget 79
Recently, my boyfriend and I drove my '67 B from San Diego to just shy 
of the California-Oregon border and back without automotive incident.  
At least there was no incident with *my* car -- we did stop and donate
my fire extinguisher to the cause of putting out a burning El Camino.

My B's engine has 70K miles on it since I rebuilt it in '87.  The car
burned/leaked 1 quart of oil on the way up and one quart on the way 
down.  Other than that, it performed flawlessly.  In fact, my car hasn't 
needed anything other than routine maintenance since the original engine 
(rebuilt by someone else) blew up in '87.

I don't know how many miles this was and I don't have an atlas handy, but
California is probably about as tall as western Europe.  Feel free to 
correct me if I'm wrong.

Denise Thorpe

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