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Re: over heating

Subject: Re: over heating
From: (Graham McCann)
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 11:31:26 +1000
>Last evening while attempting to  drive home in traffic my MGB 80 started 
>to overheat.  This resulted in many hours of waiting and a new jug of 
>antifreeze.  I have had this problem since I bought the car 8 years ago.  
>I recently put in two new fans but I do not think they were working 
>correctly.  Doe any one have any ideas.
>Private e-mail is fine but your choice

Have you checked that the new fans are turning the right way ie pushing air
through the radiator, not competing with the airflow as you are driving.  If
you connect the wires the wrong way they will rotate the wrong way.  There
are those who have made this mistake and those that will!!

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
06 2889055

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