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Re: MGB Engine install...

Subject: Re: MGB Engine install...
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 95 10:28:17 PDT
Scott Hower asks:

>  Is it worth renting one of those screw-like balance gadgets
>  to position the engine or is this overkill w/3 people?

It's overkill.  And the three people are overkill.  There's only one
part of the whole process that requires more than one person and that's
when the engine is in far enough for the tailshaft of the tranny to 
need to be lifted over the trans bracket crossmember while someone
pushes on the hoist.
>  Should I put the front end back up on jack-stands or will I
>  have sufficient underside clearance without them?
Years and years ago, I was told to put the _back_ of the car up on jack
stands to R&R the engine and tranny in a B.  The five or six times I've
done this, it's worked like a champ.

It's easier to put all of the ancillaries on the engine with it out of
the car, and the only one that really gets in the way when inserting the
engine, is the oil filter.  If you're not rebuilding the engine, take
this opportunity to check or replace the oil pressure relief valve and
replace the side cover gaskets.  They're both a pain to get to with the
engine in the car.

Denise Thorpe
about to strip the '67 B and send it to the body shop

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