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Re: Engine Help Required

Subject: Re: Engine Help Required
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 95 10:07:00 PDT
Graham Naylor asked:

> The engine has been apart for about 10 years, all the major parts are 
> there but with one problem. Over the years the Main bearing Caps have 
> become separated from the block, three of the five were either in 
> place or are easily identified but the other two are identical 
> (positions 2 and 4) and have become mixed up. What is the best way of 
> ensuring they are replaced in the original positions.

If you have the block line bored, it won't matter where the main caps 
originally sat.  It's also a good idea to have the rods sized and the
block surfaced, along with the usual machining.

If you want to do the minimum machining, you can get these things, I
can't rememember the name; they're like threads of Play-Doh.  You put
a piece on the face of each journal bearing, assemble everything, torque
it to spec, and then disassemble everything.  The width of the squashed
thread tells you the clearance in that journal.  If you put the two main
caps in question on, and the widths of the threads were very different,
you'd know that you had them in the wrong places.  But if the widths were
the same, it wouldn't tell you anything unless switching them made the
widths very different.  I hope this makes sense.  Does anybody know the 
name of these things?

Be sure to clean out the oil gallery that runs the length of the block.
It can be accessed from the oil filter hole.

Denise Thorpe (whose last name suffers from the Middle English gratuitous 
use of the letter "e")

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