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Re: What's In YOUR Toolbox?

Subject: Re: What's In YOUR Toolbox?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 13:19:33 PDT
> Say you were to drive your MG across the moon, or even West Texas for 
> that matter.  

Or San Berdoo County, California, home of the Hell's Angels and the John 
Birch Society.

> You have a single, standard-sized Craftsman toolbox to take with you.  
> What would YOU put in it for the trip and why?

The following stuff lives in a tool box that gets put in whatever car I'm 
driving no matter where I'm going.  The brand is Snap-On unless otherwise 

3/8" drive speed ratchet.  It's 18" long, bent at the handle and hinged at
 the head.  Try one and you'll never go back.
3/8" drive stubby ratchet about three inches long.
3/8" sockets both regular and deep.  I use deep by default but sometimes
 they're too long.
complete set of 3/8" drive wobble extensions from 1" to 12".  These are 
 just as strong as regular extensions and give that little bit of angle
 you always need.  Combining shorter extensions gives increased deflection.
Combination box and open end long wrenches from 5/16" to 1".  Long for extra
 leverage.  I don't carry a cheater pipe.
Flare nut wrenches.  These look like box wrenches with a little section 
 cut out.  The cutout is for slipping over a brake line.  You need two sets 
 of wrenches for tightening a nut and holding a bolt that are the same size,
 so you might as well carry a fancy second set of wrenches.  I used to have
 a set of U-shaped box end wrenches, but they were stolen.  These are the
 cat's meow for Midget master cylinders.  But I don't work on Midgets any
 more, so I didn't replace them.
complete set of 1/4" drive sockets, extension, and ratchet in a box the 
 size of a pencil box, but shorter.  The Snap-On guy always knew he could 
 sell me the really tiny tools because I think they're cute.
1/2" drive deep impact socket in whatever ridiculous size (1 5/16"?) the 
 wheel bearing nut is.
1/2" drive impact socket in whatever ridiculous size (1 1/16"?) the front 
 pully bolt is.
1/2" drive to 3/8" drive adapter (impact, which is silly)
3/8" drive to 1/2" drive adapter (not impact, which is stupid)
test light
two wire stripping and connector crimping pliers
assorted drifts, punches, and prying tools
a compression tester, Blue Point
complete set (sizes 1 through 4 with a stubby 2) Posi-drive screwdrivers 
complete set (sizes 1 through 4 with a stubby 2) both straight edge and
 Phillips screwdrivers.  Why Snap-On screwdrivers, you ask?  Because all
 other brands with lifetime warranties have ridges that hurt my hands.
a brass drift made from brass stock, described in a previous posting.
10" crescent wrench.  I once had to fix my car one-handed by the side of 
 the road while fending off a guy with a 15" crescent wrench that I 
 happened to be using to pound a battery cable back on.  I don't know why 
 it was in my car, but I'm glad it was.  I now keep a #4 screwdriver under 
 the passenger seat and I've had to brandish it on occasion.
a pair of Channelock parrot pliers.  These look like regular slip joint
 pliers, but both jaws are curved (like a parrot's beak).  Like a pipe
 wrench, these pliers tighten when turned the correct direction.  I've
 loosened bolts with these that I couldn't get off with an impact wrench.
 Channelock now makes these as big as water pump pliers.  Got to get me 

The tray in my toolbox contains small tools like a dental pick, files,
tiny screwdrivers, spark plug gappers, and assorted hardware including 
throttle return springs, nuts, bolts, studs, electrical connectors,
chrome bumper bolts (?!), cannister oil filter gaskets, etc.  

I've never needed most of this stuff, but if I stopped carrying it, I 
would.  I mostly use my tools for other people's cars.  I've never had
any bad experiences stopping to help other people, but I've had some
educational ones.

That's all I can think of and I'd better do some work.

Denise Thorpe

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