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Re: wet distributor woes

Subject: Re: wet distributor woes
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 14:29:13 PDT
chris asked:

> I'm getting ready to run up to Pittsburgh from Southwest-VA this weekend and 
> I'm am trying to head off some anticipated problems being that rain is 
> forecasted.  My '73B is in great shape and I have put on 15000+ miles since 
> may.  However, the last couple of times that I have driven in HEAVY rains, 
> water has gotten into the distributor and shut me down. Needless to say this 
> has also happend when crossing creeks etc.  Q:  Is there a foolproof way to 
> keep water out of the distributor?  FWIW, the cap and rotor are ~new and 
> Lucas. Thans in advance for any advice!

I first bought an MG 1100 to be the backup car to my B for rainy weather, 
but it wouldn't go ten feet in the rain.  The sideways engine positions
the distributor right behind that grill that's bigger than a Rolls' and
the radiator is inside the left fender.  My friendly neighborhood MG parts
supplier sold me a genuine (pronounced gen you whine) Lucas ignition
waterproofing kit.  It includes a rubber for the distributor, one for the
coil and one each for the spark plugs.  My 1100's now go where 4X4's fear
to tread.

Denise Thorpe, who obviously doesn't have enough to do

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