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Re: lost title

Subject: Re: lost title
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 12:47:53 -0500
    Doug "title-less in MO" Finley pleaded:

>Now a new dilemma--I was given (yes given) a restorable '67 B, but with 
>no title.  

    1) The DMV will help anyone apply for a title, IF your purchase
        paperwork is in order.  They can find the last known title 
        from the VIN, and check with the last registered owner to 
        make sure that it was not stolen.  If it was, you may be 
        in for some standing around in court to get your money back, 
        after he is convicted of being a "fence" for stolen cars.

    2)  Ask about a "salvage" title.  Different states have different
        rules regarding this, and this may be more trouble than it is

    People loose their title paperwork all the time.  It is no big
    deal, if you know which state it was last registered in.  Plates,
    inspection stckers and other scaps of paper found in the glove
    compartment can often tell you the proper state at a glance.

What smells so bad?  Perhaps it is the New World Odor everyone talks about.

   james fischer             

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