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Re: Packing for extended touring - Midgets

Subject: Re: Packing for extended touring - Midgets
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 12:46:50 -0500
>> Usually we chuck the spare wheel on the luggage rack to free up boot
>> space. Has anyone any neater / more secure method of attatching the
>> spare to the outside of the car somehow - I know I've asked this
>> before.

    Think about trying one of the bike racks that attach to a trunk
    lid without bolts (often using straps).  The goal would be to 
    take a page out of the MG TD's book, and have the tire hang
    down behind the car, just between the split rear chrome bumper
    (if you have that version of the Spridget).  This would make
    opening the trunk an exercise in "reaching", but at least would
    get the tire mounted where it was "out of the way" once and for

    Another idea would cost a bit more, but would solve your camping
    and gear-hauling problems FOREVER:

        1)  Find two similar, but wrecked LBC cars, and salvage
            the back of each car (the entire car starting at the rear 
            of the cockpit).

        2)  Cut both body/frame sections along a vertical line that
            bisects the wheel well.  Leave some metal between your
            cut and the trunk lid opening.

        3)  Take one of the body/frame sections, and turn it about,
            welding it to the other, so that the two join up, and
            both bolt to the single axle/suspenson.  Some messing
            about with the internal struts and other details will
            be required, but this is left to those with time and
            sketch pads.

        4)  Add the chrome and other bits back on to create a 
            "PushMePullYou" sort of beastie, which will end up
            looking like the rear end of your car from BOTH ends,
            sitting on a single axle and two wheels.

        5)  Rig up a trailer hitch, inluding wiring the brake lights,
            turn signals, etc.  (The forward-facing lights would end
            up as non-working, since you do not want the brake and
            running lights blinding you...)
        6)  Make up a hydraulic "quick disconnect" line to connect the
            trailer's brake line to the car.  Some sort of shut-off will
            be required on each end, and a bleed valve between the
            two shut-off valves.

        7)  Make up a fuel line (see 6), connecting the trailer's fuel
            tank to the car's fuel pump with a Tee.  (I have no idea
            if the car's fuel pump is capable of drawing from the 
            trailer, so you may need to have a fuel pump at each tank.)

        8)  Paint to match your car, perhaps add an "MG Ralley Team"
            logo to the trailer for better overall effect.

        You now have three (3!) trunk lids, the space of 3 MG trunks,
        and if you are very very smart, a "reserve" fuel tank or two!!

        I've wanted to do this for years.  A matching mini-trailer 
        would be nice.  Never have found any rear-ends cheap enough.
        OK, I'm insane.  You knew that.

What smells so bad?  Perhaps it is the New World Odor everyone talks about.

   james fischer             

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