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Re: Spridget Trailer

To: "U. Goettsch" <>
Subject: Re: Spridget Trailer
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 13:51:24 -0500
>>         6)  Make up a hydraulic "quick disconnect" line to connect the
>>             trailer's brake line to the car.  Some sort of shut-off will
>>             be required on each end, and a bleed valve between the
>>             two shut-off valves.
>I don't really think this is necessary. Utility trailers like that 
>usually don't have brakes. They are lucky if they have some sort of 

    I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I want and NEED as much in
    the way of brakes as possible.  If one wants to put the extra mass
    of a trailer on ANY LBC product, one is forced to wonder if the
    brakes will work.  I would rather not wonder.

>                     __/__,__         ________/____,,_______
>................... (_o____o_) ..... (___ O _________ O ___/ .............. 
>                      sprite                 caddy 

    AhHA, I know what will get the point across -
    Here, let me draw you a picture...

               __/__,__   ___     
............. (_o____o_)=(_o_)

              sprite with matching trailer        

              \/~~,/~  \/_
.........  /\\o~~~~o/=/_o_)        

            sprite with matching trailer, but no
            trailer brakes after steep downhill 
            grade ending in haripin turn.

What smells so bad?  Perhaps it is the New World Odor everyone talks about.

   james fischer             

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