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Re: Spridget Trailer

Subject: Re: Spridget Trailer
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 95 11:01:10 PST
Ulix said:

> We're finally on to a topic that I did not dare address myself before.
> Has anybody ever seen a trailer hitch setup for a Spridget? Chrome bumper 
> only please! It would probably be easy on a rubber one.

I once knew someone who towed his formula Vee race car and toolbox with
his brand new '79 MGB LE.  In '81 he needed to replace the rearend.  The 
trailer hitch was home made.  It consisted of a square tube that went behind
the bumper and had flanges welded onto either end that bolted to the bumper
bracket mounts.  The piece that held the trailer hitch ball was welded to 
the center of the tube and stuck out just below the bumper.  It was the only 
part of the hitch that showed.  It seems like there would be more room for 
this setup with a chrome bumpered car.

> I think this is a great idea. I once saw a british lady with a Fiat X1/9, 
> pulling a trailer made from the rear of another X 1/9, cut right behind 
> the door, so the targa roll-bar was still there. Very cool!

An entire MG 1100 used as a trailer would be much classier.  You could tow 
it backwards so that that incredibly elegant grill would be smiling at the 
people behind you.  In fact, I could loan you an MG 1100 with no drivetrain
if you agreed to tow it from San Diego to Pennsylvania.  I'd settle for
getting it to the MG meet in Indianapolis.  More on this later.

>                                        ______
>                      __/__,__      ___/___|__\
> ................... (_o____o_)----|_o _____o__| .............. 
>                       sprite         MG 1100 

He also said:
>  "I want a tiny little '60s camper behind my Sprite"  

Little tiny campers designed to be pulled by motorcycles are available. 

Denise Thorpe

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