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Re:-Eastwood Company

Subject: Re:-Eastwood Company
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 95 14:25 PST
Are you sure about that phone number,  I've tried it a NUMBER of times
and can not get through, "this number is not in service, please be sure
you dialed the correct number"!  I need to get back on their mailing list.
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>Reply-To: john peloquin <>
>Re:- Windshield scratches

>Do you have an address for Eastwood? I'm in California (Riverside) and
>I've not heard of them before- excuse my ignorance :(

>John Peloquin

     Don't feel bad, those people on the east coast are closer and more
familiar with Eastwood.  I got their address from the net the same way you
are getting it....
Here it is:-
       The Eastwood Company
       580 Lancaster Avenue
       Box 3014
       Malvern  PA. 19355-0714      Phone- 1-800-345-1168
                                    24Hr FAX 610-644-0560

I just happen to have their catalog on my desk.
They have lots of good tools, paints, supplies etc for restoration work.
I have ordered from them and am satisfied with their services and products.
I will say they seem to be a tad on the expensive side though.
By the way SEARS has an identical 'restoration catalog', I am sure produced
by Eastwood, with a similar 800 phone number. I bet it goes through to the
same desk perhaps the same phone, but they answer SEARS, can I help you?
Some of Eastwoods items are not in the SEARS catalog, but most are.
SEARS prices are only a few cents cheaper.  I don't have the SEARS phone
number with me, but if you are interested get back to me and I will look it up.

For John and those that don't know and would like to, here it is:-
John D. Bartholomew  Amdahl San Jose CA.  Usual disclaimers apply.
     408-746-6361 - Voice Mail            408-746-8016 - FAX
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