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Re: anthropomorphizing

Subject: Re: anthropomorphizing
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 95 16:55:20 PST
Mike MacLeod, as a voice in the wilderness, cried:

>         Is it just me?  Am I the only one who refuses to encumber an
> automobile, no matter how cherished, with a name?

Nope.  I'm out here too.

>         I may be one of the few owners out there who have owned their
> treasured car (MGA in this case) for over 20 years.  But, never in all this
> time have I been tempted to baptise my cars, motorbikes, or guitars.

Me either.  It's 16 years now for me and my B and it's never had a name.
Notice I say "it."  I've always wondered what it means when some one 
refers to their car as "she."  Does it mean they drive all the women in
their lives to drink alcohol laced with gasoline?  I realize this is a
holdover from nautical days, but one of the reasons I drive MG's is 
that they're _not_ boats.

>         I realize I'm not a nurturing new-age kind of guy and probably
> don't belong in the 90's, but, surely there must be other curmudgeons out
> there just like me.

Considering my history -- wrenching for a living for five years and being 
a carpenter for three; do I belong in the '90's?  I figure the world 
might catch up with me sometime next century.  I probably am a curmudgeon
because I keep catching myself muttering, "These kids today..." and 
starting stories with, "Why, when I was your age..."  And "nurturing" is 
one of those words that make me want to scream.  If someone needs to be 
"nurtured," they can go elsewhere.

>         Am I a voice crying in the wilderness?

Now that two of us have admitted it, maybe there will be more.

Denise Thorpe
'67 MGB - un-named
'67 MGB - un-named
'63 MG 1100 - un-named
'63 MG 1100 - un-named
'65 MG 1100 - un-named, but hoping to go to PA.

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