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Re: anthropomorphizing

Subject: Re: anthropomorphizing
From: (Tim Moses)
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 11:49:44 -0700
>Mike MacLeod, as a voice in the wilderness, cried (indicated by >>):
>>         Is it just me?  Am I the only one who refuses to encumber an
>> automobile, no matter how cherished, with a name?
>Denise Thorpe replied (indicated by >):
>Nope.  I'm out here too.
>>         I may be one of the few owners out there who have owned their
>> treasured car (MGA in this case) for over 20 years.  But, never in all this
>> time have I been tempted to baptise my cars, motorbikes, or guitars.
>Me either.  It's 16 years now for me and my B and it's never had a name.
>Notice I say "it."  I've always wondered what it means when some one 
>refers to their car as "she."  Does it mean they drive all the women in
>their lives to drink alcohol laced with gasoline?  I realize this is a
>holdover from nautical days, but one of the reasons I drive MG's is 
>that they're _not_ boats.

I haven't named mine either.  I used to drive SHIPS in the Navy and believe
me, an MGB is no 412 foot Guided Missle Destroyer.  SHE was a living,
breathing, heaving, rolling creature.  My MGB is just fun transportation; a
tool, although an enjoyable one.  There are no similarities no matter how
hard you try to stretch "it."

>>         I realize I'm not a nurturing new-age kind of guy and probably
>> don't belong in the 90's, but, surely there must be other curmudgeons out
>> there just like me.
>Considering my history -- wrenching for a living for five years and being 
>a carpenter for three; do I belong in the '90's?  I figure the world 
>might catch up with me sometime next century.  I probably am a curmudgeon
>because I keep catching myself muttering, "These kids today..." and 
>starting stories with, "Why, when I was your age..."  And "nurturing" is 
>one of those words that make me want to scream.  If someone needs to be 
>"nurtured," they can go elsewhere.
>>         Am I a voice crying in the wilderness?
>Now that two of us have admitted it, maybe there will be more.

                There are.

Tim Moses  USNA '86
Augusta, GA

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