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seatbelt buzzers

Subject: seatbelt buzzers
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 95 10:09:55 PST
Ulix commented on the fact that replacement seat belts have no provision
for the seatbelt buzzer:

> I faintly remember reading about the seat belt buzzer legislation. A 
> while after it had been implemented, for reasons purged from my memory, 
> that legislature was reversed and it was specifically stated that it was 
> legal to cut the wires to that switch to stop that @#$%! buzzer from 
> wrecking peoples nerves!
> So, it is not very likely that your new belts will have this feature.

The best way to eliminate that annoying buzzing is to remove the relay
from under the dash.  Cutting wires has a tendency to leave live wires
hanging around.  It's easy to find the right relay --  just leave the
seatbelt disconnected and pull out the relay that's vibrating.  Since 
this relay has a built-in timer, it could be very handy for custom anti-
theft devices.

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Denise Thorpe

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