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Subject: Stories/Genders/Tops/IRC +
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 17:52:13 -0400
I've only been accessing this newsgroup for a coupla weeks, but I'm impressed!

Andy Ramm's travellin' tales are most entertaining. As is the gender
discussion of our automobilia. My wife considers the cars to be 'gents'. Go
figure. I consider them genderless, until such times as a bolt strips, won't
start etc. etc. Then, the gender is recognized only by the obscenity required!

I must visit the top folding home page (isn't this 'net' thing amazing?). I
put a new red top on my red '68 roadster during it's restoration about five
years ago. Looks great. Anyhow, each and every time I stow the hood (!) I
place a fluffy white towel over the rear windows before folding between the
side and rear window on each side. This prevents any portion of the top
material, or metal protrusions of the top structure (like the hood latches)
from rubbing against the plastic.

Once it's folded, before putting on the boot cover, I drape (demurely) yet
another towel over the rolled window, to once again offer rub resistance.
Thus far, the top still looks new.

I've tried a few times (with the assistance of my 13 year old) to access
that MG IRC channel, and have never found anyone there

I've contacted Rob Forester who apparently maintains the page, and he's
stumped about the seeming lack of participation. I guess we'll just keep trying.

I have just completed a complete strip-down of the engine bay of my Damask
Red '77. I may opt for a plexiglass hood (bonnet), 'cause it looks so darned
nice. I love detail, and this car was never molested, just poorly changed
from Inca Yellow, to Damask red, making restoration somewhat simple.
Awaiting arrival of a replacement engine (found via the 'net and the MG home
page) and hope to be mobile again by spring.

While in the process of this particular endeavour, I came across an
interesting article on the Jag owner's home page. It contained an article, I
believe called "The Sailor's Lament" which went something like this..

(a one, and a two..)

A sailor noticed the light bulb in the wheelhouse had burnt out, so upon
replacing it, he noticed that the socket was kinda grungy, and you can't put
a nice fresh lightbulb in an old socket. Off he went to get a new light
socket, and upon getting ready to install it, noticed that the wiring wasn't
all that great, so he decided to replace that, which meant the ceiling had
to come off for access, and that's when he noticed the beams we're rotting,

By the time the bulb was replaced, he's rebuilt the entire ship. I had to
keep this in mind when doing the engine bay - deciding how far back to strip
before coming forward again. As I discovered on my '68 restoration - that
lament thing is true! And I VOWED that the '77 would be the road car...

So, I exercised amazing personal discipline, and only when the car's on a
hoist will anyone ever know...

There's a high level of excitement all over the world right now, our home no
exception. particularly amplified with the arrival this very afternoon of an
8 month old Springer Spaniel, "Pepper" as a family Christmas present.
Noticed someone else mentioning their spaniel likes MG rides. Once spring,
springs, I hope Pepper's ready for a maiden octagonal voyage!

Mirroring other sentiments expressed, happy holidays to all you MG-ites
around the world. This wish for a peaceful, happy holiday comes from the
Williams family in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Safety Fast to all from Zakkary,
Aaron, Christine and yours truly...

Terry "Gosh I Love Christmas" Williams
'70 BGT
'68 roadster
'77 roadster
'95 springer spaniel
radio station program manager
            "Santa's Elves are just a bunch of subordinate clauses"
                                    Happy Holidays!

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