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RE: Seat Belt Recall

Subject: RE: Seat Belt Recall
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 95 13:11 PST
 Subject:       Re: More on MG seat belt recall
> >Frank Sperling III wrote

> >I got the same phone call.  Seems that Patty Shoap at Land Rover was
> >wrong about that.  You definitely need the brackets on a 79B.
> >

What's the scoop folks?  I just got my belt kit and it doesn't have brackets.
Do I need the for my 79B?  Should I call Patty Shoap and tell her I need
those brackets?
I have only opened the box to see what is included and there are two bags,
each has a reel with a large screw/bolt sticking out and then there is the
socket part of the belt that the buckle plugs into.  Do I need more, or do
the mounting brackets already in place do the trick? 

Should I go back to sleep or jump up and down?  Thank's for any guidance
Happy holidays - John.

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