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Two speed wipers for '67B

Subject: Two speed wipers for '67B
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 96 11:43:40 PST
Happy New Year everyone!

I have a question.  But first, here's some background info.

For the past 16 years, my '67 B has been my only transportation with 
occasional backup from a '79 Triumph Spitwad, a Daimler SP 250, and a bevy
of MG 1100's.  In all that time, there have been only two things that have 
kept the car from being the perfect all-year, all-weather, basic 
transportation.  Well, three, but I'm in the habit of dragging the brakes 
after going through a puddle.  One is the that the car will overheat in stop 
and go traffic even though there's nothing wrong with the cooling system.  I 
asked about aftermarket, thermostatically controlled radiatior fans a long 
time ago and then never did anything about it.  The other is that the 
windshield wipers don't wipe fast enough to keep up with heavy rainstorms.

Over the weekend, Mike of Octagon demonstrated the two speed wipers in his
'73 BGT for me.  Wow!  His fast speed is about twice as fast as my only 
speed.  He then sold me the wiper motor and assembly, with electrical 
connector and about a foot of wire, from a '79 B.  Hopefully, I'll be able
to swap my two wiper arm for the three wiper arm that's on the wiper motor.

Years ago, the points in my voltage regulator stuck causing my wiring harness 
and everything that was on to burn up.  This included the wiper switch.  I 
replaced the wiper switch with a headlight switch from a '62-'65 B which is 
a black toggle switch just like the wiper switch but has two positions.  At 
the time, I intended to someday set up intermittent wipers by running the 
second switch position through a flasher relay.  But now, the convenience of 
having intermittent wipers is outweighed by my need to be able to see in 
sudden squalls at 65 mph.  The only problem with the headlight switch is that
it's not an either/or switch--the wires to the first "on" position still get
power (or ground) when the switch is in the second "on" position, but I 
should be able to work around this with the judicious use of relays.

So the question(s) is (are), has anyone ever done this conversion before and 
can tell me what I need to do?  Or does Moss or somebody sell a kit with 
everything I need including a two position switch and instructions and I'm 
wasting my time?  Or am I on the right track and all I need now is to know 
where all those wires coming from the new wiper motor connector are supposed 
to go?  I suppose I could buy a service manual with wiring diagram for a '79
B, but it's easier to ask you guys ("guys" being a non-gender-specific term
in this context).

Thanks in advance and probably afterwards, too.

Denise Thorpe

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