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Re: Two speed wipers for '67B

Subject: Re: Two speed wipers for '67B
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 08:38:42 -0500
> Happy New Year everyone!
> I have a question.

I thought you had all the answers. :^)

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> The other is that the 
> windshield wipers don't wipe fast enough to keep up with heavy rainstorms.
> Denise Thorpe

Another option is Rain-X. ( I hope this doesn't start a huge thread). I
have used Rain-X on my daily driver ('84 Olds Delta 88 Deisel) for
years. It has crappy wipers and 110,000 miles of pits in the
windshield. The stuff works as claimed, but there are two sides as
always with these miracle products.

>From my experiance the pluses are:

+1) Drastically improves visibility and reduces dependance on wipers. I
use intermittent for most rains and low speed for downpours. Never High
speed. (although low speed in this car is faster than High speed in my

+2) Same improvment of visibility for the side and rear windows (if glass) and 
+the mirrors too.

The Minuses:

-1) You have to re-apply to the windshield every 3 weeks for peak performance. 
The wind and road dust seem to sandblast it off the windshield quicker then the 
rest of the windows. Even where the wipers don't reach. I do the rest of the 
windows once a year.

-2) If you go longer than three weeks on the windshield the wipers get
smeary and it is worse than if you didn't use it at all. It is kind of
like a habit for your windshield. The other windows show no ill side

So, IMHO YMMV, if you keep up with the stuff, it is great. My wife's
car has excellent wipers ('93 Olds 88) and she hates the smeary old
stuff so she won't let me put it on her windshield but she wants in on
all the rest. I recommend it for all non-windshield windows and
windshields for those who don't mind the upkeep.

I have nothing to gain by anyone using this product. 

Mark "It is my fathers Oldsmobile" Jurras

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