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Re: Zenith Carb

To: Tim Moses <>
Subject: Re: Zenith Carb
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 1996 12:10:00 -0800 (PST)
Install a weber DGV and trick header.
From: mgs-owner
To: Tim Moses
Cc: mgs
Subject: Re: Zenith Carb
Date: Tuesday,January 02,1996 1:48PM

On Tue, 2 Jan 1996, Tim Moses wrote:

> Before I send off my $$$ to Moss Motors to get their detailed manual 
> on Zenith Carbs, is there a second opinion on what I should look at or
> I am new to Zenith Carbs (and carbs for that matter) and want to get a
> detailed manual on tuning and rebuilding/renewing in order to get the '79
> MGB (no name, yet - I am waiting for some trait to supply the moniker)
> running fine.  Any input would be appreciated.
> Hope everyone had a safe and FUN New Years.
> Still waiting on the arrival of that second child, but I no longer have 
> one thing on my mind.  Some perspective adjusters from this list did the
> trick.  Thanks to those who lambasted me.
> Tim Moses, Esq.
> U.S.N.A. 1986
> Augusta, GA (pop. 202,434)
> as of Jan. 1, 1996, now  the 77th largest city in USA
Happy New Year ALL!!!!

I am also the proud owner of a 79 B (which has until now remianed nameless).

My Zenith Carb has been an endless source of frustration for me with an
otherwise excellent LBC.  One problem that I had was that the three
screws holding on the auto choke have a tendancy to work loose, allowing
gas to drip near the manifold (not a very safe or pleasant prospect!!).
I cured that by putting Locktite on the screws b4 putting them in (Hope I
never need to remove 'em).  Another problem that occurs is that the
little damper chamber that requires oil is continually going empty.  I
have resorted to the (unorthodox) approach of putting 90 wt gear oil in
it to slow that process...  Finally, I'm getting very poor milage (~
10-15 mpg)....

So, Tim, after all my complaints about this car, what do you think I feel
about it?  Of course I luv it.  If you (or anyone else) finds info on
correcting these problems - I sure would appreciate it.....

Jim Mellander

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