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Jesus Models

Subject: Jesus Models
From: Glenn Schnittke <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 01:57:59 -0600
On Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 Will (Wild Man) Zehring wrote:

Subject: New MGs in the U.S.

Fellow fiends:

>Fellow fiends:
>Happy new year to everyone!
>I was minding my own business last Friday visiting our metropolis' local 
>car-guy-stuff store (books, videos, models) when I spied two new Corgi 
>models for MGs (new to me, anyway).  They offer a '63 (white with red or 
>green with black), both with disk wheels.  The white with red is almost 
>identical to Old Whitesides, save the lhd on the toy.  They also have an 
>MGF, perhaps in green w/black only.  I don't know the scale but the models 
>are about 6 or 7 inches long, 3 inches wide...  They look very nice, with a 
>good measure of detail for the size and price ($50 US... ouch!).  Doors, 
>hood and trunk open.  I do seem to recall that one radiator hose was chrome 
>plated.  Probably some show car...


Hey, Will. Happy New Year?

The day before Christamas I was out doing all of my shopping (I really DO
need a day off and I'd LIKE a week in Barbados) and I was looking for a
model of a big Healey. I couldn't find one to save my life, but I ran across
the same Corgi model. I thought it was really neat. Just looking at it I
couldn't pinpoint a year's model. I thought it might be a 71 or 72 until I
looked at the interior. The taillight lenses threw me. They looked too
square for an early car. But after looking at it closely I wanted one badly.
I just couldn't justify the bread for a present for myself after just
spending all that money on the real thing (the primrose). Not when I still
had to buy a new coat for Jette.

And on that note;

Does anyone know of a company that makes a model of a AH? My brother's wife
wants one and he (my brother) is committed to getting one for her and I
really wanted to get him a model for Christamas but couldn't find anything.
I was quite surprised at being able to find a TR2 and a B but nothing else
in the British sports car range. I don't count the Aston DB5. Bond cars are
taken for granted. BTW, Nancy (my sister-in-law) has gone through an MGA an
MGB and a Midget and swears, like I do, that MG's are the most reliable cars
she has owned. I'm behind her all the way in my brother's commitment,
although I question her changing marques.

On Tue, 2 Jan 1996 Terry "Model cars, real cars, it's as if I'd been whacked
in the head"
Williams wrote:

>Subject: Various & Sundry

Lots of stuff deleted

>And what's all this about a "Jesus" bolt? I've never heard that before!


A "jesus" nut, or "jesus" bolt is any nut or bolt that frustrates every
effort you expend to remove, and after you've squirted it with every
chemical known to the FDA to produce carcinogens and torched it and finally
gone out and bought a bigger breaker bar than the one you just trashed or
gone to your local plumbing supply house for a fourteen foot length of one
inch pipe to use as an extension for the breaker bar you're about to trash
and when you finally brace your feet against the sidewall of your garage and
you're in midair, horizontal, feet off the ground and chest heaving into the
fourteen foot length of one inch pipe, in that final burst of energy, you
yell out "J-J-E-E-E-Z-Z-Z-U-U-U-S-S-S-!-!-!-! and the sonofabitch breaks the
bolt right at the bottom of the nut and you discover that it's got nothing
to do with helicopters unless you work on them for a living. Or fun. But
that's another list.

A "jesus" tool, on the other hand and at least in MY neighborhood, is a
split ring removal tool that you're always missing whenever you need to take
out a split ring, and when you realize you're up against it, you
automatically say, "oh, jesus...", and wind up either making a tool to do
the job poorly or interrupting the job at hand to run to the local hardware
store to discover they don't have one.
Joyful Driving

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