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Corgi MG Models

Subject: Corgi MG Models
From: "Graham Naylor" <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 96 08:02:23 +0100
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I Believe there are three version of the Corgi MGB Model and three of 
the new MGF, there is a white and red MGB based on a 1963 model going 
by the adverts, there is also a British Racing Green Limited edition 
model. The MGF also comes in two standard models and a Charcoal Grey 
Limited edition. 

All models have opening doors, bonnets (and boots ?) and the steering 

Both the Limited edition models come with a small certificate (NO xxxx 
of 15,000), a small MG Badge and a wooden plinth which the model just 
stands on with no fixings.

I have not got any more details with me but I can check when I get 


Graham Naylor

1967 MGB Roadster (Full Size)
Still Chasing 1933 MG J2 (Full Size)

1963 MGB (Corgi Ltd. Edition Model)
1995 MGF (Corgi Ltd. Edition Model)

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