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Re: It starts BUT...

Subject: Re: It starts BUT...
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 08:22:35 -0500
Fellow fiends:

Regarding this thred; I'm a bit (just a bit!) concerned that the fellow who 
posted the original message has run the engine for 30 second "bouts" but 
still not registered any oil preassure.  I hope its just your gauge.  I'm 
not familiar with how the oil preasure sensor is plumbed on the later cars 
(I've only owned B's with mechanical oil preassure gauges).  But you ought, 
double quick, to determine if you have any preassure at all.  You're wasting 
the efforts of your re-build if you run the thing sans lubrication.  

On the 'early' engines I understand that the pump can be primed by back 
feeding oil into the flex pipe that comes out the rear of the block.  With 
that detached you can also test that the pump is working (have oil squirt 
into a can (preferably an empty Foster's)).  I did this with my '63 and the 
thing registered preassure within a few seconds of its first running.

Another thing I've been told with a rebuilt engine: keep the rpms up high 
(at least 2000) for the first ten minutes or more.  Can someone corroborate 
this wisdom?  I suppose it promotes tappet seating or some such thing?

Will Zehring

p.s.  in fact, on the '63 the only electric gauge is the fuel level and its 
the least informative.  Damn proud of that, I am.  Luddites, unite!

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