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It starts BUT...

To: MG mailing list <>
Subject: It starts BUT...
From: John Van Valkenburgh <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 13:55:25 -0500 (EST)
Hello all,

   Just got everything put back together on my newly rebuilt engine last 
night and after some cranking I got the engine started :) :) :)

   It does not keep running long (only a few seconds at at time), and as 
I expected, its running pretty rough but I think thats a matter of 
burning out the grease in the cylinders from the rebuild.  I'm sure the 
carbs are WAY out of adjustment also...

   My only real concern is that so far I'm not getting any oil pressure 
registered on the gauge.  I checked the wiring and the gauge by grounding 
the sender and that part is OK.  It could be:

1).  A bad sender.  My gut feeling is that the sender is OK though since 
it was working when I took the engine apart.

2).  The oil filter has not filled up yet.  I do remember that it takes 
awhile for the filter to fill and the system to pressurize.  The engine 
had a fair amount of cranking and ran off-and-on for perhaps 20-30 seconds.

3).  The new oil pump is not pumping.  I doubt there is alot that can go 
wrong with the pump, especially a new one.

I am reasonably sure that all the oil passages are clear.  I took care to 
clean everything thoroughly before putting the engine back together.  I 
also checked the oil pump gasket before I put the new pump in to make 
sure it was not blocking any passages.

Is there some trick I don't know of like priming the oil pump by pouring 
oil into the filter assy?

Would it be reasonable to expect that I'm not going to get oil pressure 
until the engine has run for more than 30 seconds?

I won't get another crack at it until this weekend, at which time I'll 
probably pull the filter and see if anything has been pumped into it.  In 
the mean time I'd be grateful for any comments...


John Van Valkenburgh
Raleigh, NC

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