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Re: Rookie move

Subject: Re: Rookie move
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 09:18:49 -0500
>   I have been rebuilding my front brake calipers.  It seems that the
>   brake fluid and brake hoses were factory original in my car and it
> had been sitting about 2 years before I got it.  Having cleaned all the
> junk out of the cylinders ( no pitting fortunately), I have reassembled
> them, replaced the seals and re - installed them only to find that
> there is a small recess on the disc side of each piston and I should
> have oriented these correctly.  The recesses are so shallow that I
> didn't notice them.  Both calipers are back on the car with the pistons
> in random orientation. The manuals I have say "note how the recesses
> are oriented & place back the same way."  Can anyone tell me the
> purpose of these recesses and should I redo the job - if so how are
> they oriented?  Thanks.
> Tom 74 Midget
> Thomas Wannenburg MD.

I am GUESSING here so look to the more knowledgable list members before
taking any action.

I think (I do, sometimes, but not till after I hit the send button)
that the orientaion marks are so the wear surfaces mate up as they were
before disassembly. Otherwise the instructions would tell you how to
orient them rather than to note their orientation before disassembly.

- -Mark   = =o&o

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