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Re: Rookie move

To: Thomas Wannenburg <>
Subject: Re: Rookie move
From: Dirk de Boer <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 10:37:30 -0800 (PST)
On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, Thomas Wannenburg wrote:

> I have been rebuilding my front brake calipers.

> installed them only to find that there is a small recess on the disc side of 
> each piston and I should have oriented these correctly.  The recesses are so 
> shallow that I didn't notice them.  Both calipers are back on the car with 
> pistons in random orientation. The manuals I have say "note how the recesses 
> oriented & place back the same way."  Can anyone tell me the purpose of these 
> recesses and should I redo the job - if so how are they oriented?  Thanks.

I don't kmow the purpose of these recesses, but the manuals I have 
show how they should be alligned relative to the caliper. I don't have 
my manuals here but I could look it up tonight.

You may be able to turn the pistons in the calipers by gripping the 
calipers from the inside so you don't damage the chromed surface.

I think the purpose of the recesses is to push the pads onto the disk 
at a slight angle to prevent squealing. Anybody else want to take a 

Dirk (and his MGB with correctly oriented recesses and no squealing)

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