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FW: Tappets etc

To: MGS <>
Subject: FW: Tappets etc
From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 96 11:02:00 PST
Matt -

You neglect to mention what model car has the "clackey tappets". However, be 
aware that the earlier cars (TC, TD, TF, etc) are somewhat prone to more 
tappet noise that the more modern cars.

However, I too in my TD, had what seemed to me excessive tappet noise. This 
went on for years. Regardless of how I adjusted them, it always sounded a 
bit harsh. To make a long story somewhat shorter, the rockers had suffered 
from years of overgrinding the faces. Thus the tappet struck the valve at an 
incorrect angle (not square to the valve tip). Having discovered that new 
tappets for a TD are about $75 apiece, I decided to have my old ones 
rebuilt. No one locally could offer me anything better than regrinding my 
old ones. Since that was the source of the problem, I turned to this forum 
for advice.

A.B. Bonds suggested that I try a place in Anderson California called The 
Rocker Arm Specialist. They took my old rocker assemply (rockers, shaft, 
stands, etc. and did the following:
     - built up and reground the shaft
     - built up, ground, and hardened the tappet faces
     - rebushed the rockers
     - moly coated the bushes

I overnighted the assembly to them on a Friday and had the completed work 
back the following Friday in time for a car meet the next day. Total cost 
was $85 plus shipping and COD charges.

The car has never been quieter, I can actually properly adjust the valves, 
and the car actually made it under its own power to and from GOF Central for 
the first time in 7 years.

You can find the address in the SOL Monster Vendor List 

Hope this helps!

Lew Palmer
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: Tappets etc
Date: Thursday, January 04, 1996 2:55PM


My tappets are noisey.  I've adjusted them a few times but it doesn't really
make any difference bar for a few days.  Its is a regular and happy kind of
noise but I would really feel better to fix it.  Is it feasible to replace
just the tappets, or should I also replace pushrods and rocker arm assembly

Advice appreciated


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