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Indy '96

Subject: Indy '96
From: Ted Weiler <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 15:21:39 -0800 (PST)
Some one posted an address for Indy '96 somewhere else.  The following
information is straight from the AMGBA home page where a lot of additional
informatino is available.  This ought to be pretty official.

INDY '96
JUNE 26 - 30, 1996
Indianapolis, Indiana U. S. A. 

The largest gathering of MGs in one place ever in North America in
conjunction with all of the major
U. S. MG Clubs 

Contact: The AMERICAN MGB ASSOCIATION at 1-800-723-MGMG or P. O. Box 11401,
Chicago, IL 60611
to be placed on the mailing list for registration information. 

American MGB Association
P.O. Box 11401
Chicago, Illinois 60611
phone number: 800-723-MGMG
Fax number: 312-769-6262
E-mail address:    

 Edward B. (Ted) Weiler,
 Engineering Manager, Olympic Medical,
 Director, Volunteers NorthWest , VNW@AOL.COM
 Membership, MG Car Club NorthWest Centre, MGCCNWC@AOL.COM

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