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Gorgi model MGs

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Subject: Gorgi model MGs
From: Lloyd Decker <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 18:42:46 -0600
The two new diecast  model MGs from Gorgi are 1/18 scale. The MGB is
available in three colors. Tartan Red and Old English White are the two
standard versions and list price in the US is $55. The third color is Racing
Green, it is a limited edition and costs more. The second model is the new
MGF which also comes in three colors. The Metallic charcoal is the limited
edition version. The two standard versions are Flame Red and Racing Green.
Both are beautiful models with opening bonnets and doors, steering wheel
that turns...lots of nice detail, even underneath. Be aware both are right
hand drive. The B is an early model (1963, I think) and has the metal dash.
The dash has too much curve, but otherwise it is nice.  The limited editions
come with a nice wooden base with plaque. I bought the two limited editions
through the MG Owners Club (England) and paid $60 each, including almost $18
each shipping - still cheaper than normal retail in the US.  The December
issue of The American MGB Association Octagon has an adv from Asheville
DieCast in Asheville, NC offering the regular versions for $34.95 each.
Never heard of them before, and know nothing about the company, but the
price is real good. Hope this answers some of the questions on these. Lloyd
Decker, Editor, Kansas City MG Post.

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