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Indy 96

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Subject: Indy 96
From: Lloyd Decker <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 19:01:52 -0600
A little more info on this event in Indianapolis. It is the first joint
gathering of the major MGs national groups in the US. North American MGB
Register, American MGB Association, New England T Register, plus the A
Register and C Register (not sure of their proper names). 
Events scheduled at present include:
Wednesday, June 26. Registration, self-guided event/tours, movies in hotel
or parking lot, parking lot party.
Thursday, June 27. Breakfast and tour of Conner Prairie (a turn of the
century village), self-guided driving tours/event, movies, tech sessions,
vendors, Kid's Camp, Natter & Noggins, Trip to Indy 500 park that night for
Thursday Night Thunder (ESPN show).
Friday, June 28. Tech sessions, Safety Fast inspections by NEMGTR, MG book
signing session, Ropke Armor Museum, movies, Register Hospitality suites,
vendors, Kids' Camp.
Saturday, July 29. Continental breakfast, travel to infield of Indy 500,
track tour for first 1000 MGs registered, meal at Indy Zoo.
Sunday, July 30, Dawn Patrol tour, farewell coffee and donuts with live music.
I am certain more events will get added. Or changed. You don't have to be
registered to take in the car shows, but it only costs $25 per car, and then
you get in to tech sessions, etc.  Worth it!!
The planning committee always adds a line in their material, that the track
reserves the right to cancel use of their track on 24 hour notice.  Not
likely, but possible.
I have been to MG 94 and MG 95 (Washington, DC and Lake Tahoe) and can say
without hesitation, if you enjoy MGs and MG folk, you will want to attend MG
96 if possible.

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