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Webers and Such....

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Subject: Webers and Such....
From: jason palmer <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 96 16:49:38 -0500
-- [ From: jason palmer * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Here is another tech question regarding my 80 B.
I have been running a Weber downdraft for 2 years. In the last 9 months, the
car has been running rich beyond belief. Under acceleration or load, it will
blows a bit of smoke. Its not enough for me to notice, but those that are
behind the car say its excessive. 

I have checked all the screws and whotnot on the carb, and checked the
timing. Both seem to be within normal parameters. The problem may still be

The performance of the car is OK, but it has run better. Mileage is
understandably LOW.
I do have a SIDEDRAFT staring at me... I dont have a matching cam.

I know with as many folk who read these pages, SOMEONE will have done the
zenithtoweber conversion.

Until PSmith gets here, I will sign off with a hearty....

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