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Re: Front License Plates

To: "Frank Sperling" <>
Subject: Re: Front License Plates
From: (Jay Tilton)
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 1996 02:35:44 +0500
At 09:33 PM 1/7/96 -0800, Frank Sperling wrote:
>Speaking of front do you attach them to a rubber bumper 
>My bumper has two holes in the front of it, and that's it!  Does Moss 
>or someone sell a kit?

A kit as such isn't required, just the plate holder (available from any of
your regular pile of MGB parts dealers) and two screws that go through the
plate holder into those holes in your bumper.

FWIW, I had to replace mine last summer (car needs a front plate in
Virginia).  I have no earthly idea when or where the old one fell off.  Got
the new one from Vicky Brit for $20.
Jay Tilton /  (vt = Virginia Tech)
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