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Re: Changing oil (gearbox?)

To: (Barry Archer)
Subject: Re: Changing oil (gearbox?)
From: David Hall <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 96 8:08:20 PST
Just changed the oil in my 72 MGB/GT.  Put in Casteroil 5/50W synthetic.
I've been running it in the engine now for quite a while.  My engine
has 120K, and when I started using the synthetic oil, it seemed that my
engine started running better.  Could be my imagination.  So, the shifting
now seems to be a bit smoother.  Could also be my imagination.

Oh, I live in Vancouver, WA, and it never gets much below 35.  

Dave "Love that syhthetic stuff" Hall

>   Okay, here's a real newbie question.  With the Kansas City temps down
> below 10 degrees this weekend, I'm wondering why the DPO for my '78 MGB had
> 20W50 oil in the crankcase.  Having never encountered anything but 10W40 in
> my previous life, I just figured that 20W50 was what I was suppose to use.  
>   Now I look in the nice reprint of the owners manual and find it depends on
> the region.  Okay, so it looks safe to use 10W30 or 10W40, and I bet it
> needs changing soon anyway (especially if I want to drive in sub-freezing
> temps) - but do I need to change the oil in the gearbox and overdrive at the
> same time?  I have no idea what oil was used, although the overdrive does
> work, at least in 20+ temps (okay, I didn't realize at first 20W50 wouldn't
> be good in low temps until it wouldn't start and I looked it up).  
>    Thanks,
>        Barry - waiting for the temp ro rise and KC to beat Baltimore
> tomorrow. ;-)

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