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Re: Changing oil (gearbox?)

To: (Ernest E. Gilbert)
Subject: Re: Changing oil (gearbox?)
From: David Hall <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 96 9:12:53 PST
I do not have an OD in my car...  I've heard that you should NOT use
synthetic with an OD for some reason...

Dave Hall

> >Just changed the oil in my 72 MGB/GT.  Put in Casteroil 5/50W synthetic.
> >I've been running it in the engine now for quite a while.  My engine
> >has 120K, and when I started using the synthetic oil, it seemed that my
> >engine started running better.  Could be my imagination.  So, the shifting
> >now seems to be a bit smoother.  Could also be my imagination.
> >
> I tried the same oil in an early OD gearbox. Felt better than the 90 hypoid
> at first but after the first 45 minute drive shifting felt like no lub at
> all. Replaced it after 250 miles and there was metal in the drain plug that
> wasn't there before. I now have AMSOIL 80W-90 synthetic and have a better
> feel that dosen't go away when it's hot. OD works ok. In the engine I'm
> expirimenting with Valvolene Duro-blend 20W-50. Mechanic friend says it has
> benefits of both petro base and synthetic. Only have 350 miles on first try.
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