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Subject: OIL COOLERS on late MGB
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 96 09:49 PST
SOL friends,
            I am looking for details on the installation of the oil cooler
on the late *rubber bumper* B. I have a spare cooler from my 72B that I
would like to install on my 76B project and it is not obvious where it
installs.  I am guessing it installs *below* the panel ahead of the
radiator, as there are some captivated nuts attached it that area.
However, in this orientation the flex lines would be below the oil cooler.
This does not seem to be a good setup as the flex lines are really low.
Question, is there a different oil cooler for the later B, where the oil
lines come out of one end, or do I have the cooler orientation al wrong?
Anyone been there, done this?
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