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B/GT rear window de-icer, MkII

Subject: B/GT rear window de-icer, MkII
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 12:45:59 -0500
Fellow fiends:

Thanks to all responding to my initial questions.  Its sounding like it 
wouldn't be impossible to find the glass to install such a rear window. 

My next questions are:

---when was the switch made from a dynamo-based system to the 
alternator-based system?  Was it in '68 (coincident with the switch to 
negative gound)?

---how involved would it be to convert a dynamo-based car into an alternator 
based car?  I'm guessing a few folks have done this...?

I'm asking these berzerk questions cuz I'm sort of maybe perhaps toying with 
the idea of the "ideal all-weather daily-driver B/GT" and am formulating 
ideas in case a search is seriously started, or in case I stumble upon a 
good solid car that meets my requirements and just happens to be for sale 
when my wife is sick in bed or out of town or under some such unfortunate 
circumstance.  I have strong ties to the aesthetics of the metal-dashed 
cars, however it sounds like there are a number of practical advantages to 
the later cars.  

Will "pathetic, isn't he?" Zehring

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