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Re: Ground Positive

Subject: Re: Ground Positive
From: Dirk de Boer <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 16:54:38 -0800 (PST)
On 8 Jan 1996, GREGG H. BAKER wrote:

> Anyone,
> I've got a 57 A and wonder if the ground positive system should be 
> addressed. Are there any reasons why I should consider changing to 
> a ground negative system.

There are a couple of reasons to upgrade: you can fit a modern radio 
and other negative ground accesories without having to insulate them, 
and you can fit an alternator which allows your charging system to 
keep up with those accesories. Also, with a negative ground car you 
don't have to worry about getting a boost and connecting the booster 
cables wrong.

Having said that, I have kept my 1966 B positive ground. The charging 
system works just fine the way it is with the new generator I put in last 
summer. Also, I don't have a radio and it's easy to remember that you 
have to reverse the booster cable in the very unlikely event that a 
boost would be needed. The main reason, however, that I don't switch 
is that I have a positive ground tachometer. Even though it over 
estimates the rpm's by a few hundreds, I don't feel like ripping into 
it to switch it around. 

I consider positive ground to provide period charm, and if well 
maintained there is no reason to switch.


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