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Plates/Mounting/GT Heated Glass

Subject: Plates/Mounting/GT Heated Glass
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 21:21:50 -0400
WoulD all those who may still be dreaming of a white Christmas,
pulllleeezzze cease & desist! Nova Scotia is presently receiving the storm
that visited the eastern States. Sheese, I may never get at my garage
driveway again!

'Tis a wintery eve here in Canada, where Nova Scotia just adopted
(abandoned?) the front plate not required law. Wouldn'tcha know, this comes
six months after buying three sets of personalized plates for the MGs! I
used the month and year of manufacture for each - 12 68 MGB, 11 77 MGB and
10 69 BGT.

On my '77, there were holes drilled through the bumper for plate mounting -
but nothing to mount in! Tried epoxying a nut into the hole - almost lost
the front plate assembly. Now using those funky folding 'wings' used for
mounting shelves to hollow walls. Works great! Siimply insert the bolt
through the backing plate, compress the wings, so they fit through the hole
in the bumper. Once they're through, they flip open providing an excellent grip.

Further to Will Zehring's questions on heated GT rear glass, my '70 has
extremely fine threads of silver wire through the top 1/2 of the glass,
running top to bottom. 'Bout midway, there's a thin horizontal wider metal
strip. I've seen heavier arrangements on later cars, almost an orange
element in the glass, but I've only seen a few like mine. Perhaps like the
split rear bumpers used in '70, this type of glass was only used for that
year? I have also noticed on wiring diagrams (go figure!) that there's a
relay involved in the wiring. Mine's on the right front inner fender.

Terry "I Can See Clearly Now" Williams
'70 GT
'68 roadster
'77 roadster
2' of snow

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