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Subject: LUMPY RUNNING !!!
From: (Nic Fasci)
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 11:57:14 GMT
Happy New Year to you all....

Can anyone suggest a few ways to set my 1977 MGB/GT up to ensure that the
engine runs as smoothly as possible, especially when cold, to aid me with
my research into emission control for my final year project at university.

It is worth noting that if I manage to pull this project off within the next
month, two months, it will benifit all MG owners especially those in Germany
and America. We all know that the powers that be are tightening the levels
of emissions, which, in turn is putting our enjoyment of the cars at risk.

My project will (hopefully!) change all that.

Ta very

Nic Fasci


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