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new-car show report (minimal lbc content)

Subject: new-car show report (minimal lbc content)
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 08:30:53 -0500
Fellow fiends:

Me and the spousal unit went to the North American International Auto Show 
here in DEEEEEEtroit yesterday evening, and naturally I thought you might 
like to hear some thoughts-o-mine:

-The nice lady at the Jag stand kept saying "Wait until October" when I 
asked her questions about the XJS replacement.  In other words, I don't know 
if its bigger, smaller, faster, slower, 5 speed, automatic, etc.  I don't 
even know if it's (-) earth, though I do have my suspicions.  I suspect it 
won't be cheeper.  What ever happened to good old Sir William and his 
fantastic and fantastically priced cars?  She *was* a nice lady, really, and 
if I had $70K I didn't need I'd trade her an XJ6 for the cash.

-There were two DB7s in the AM area, one convertible and one hardtop.  The 
car struck me as much larger than I imagined in magazine photos.  The colors 
of the cars were not complimentary; purple (with purple interior---yeeeech) 
and a milky green with a milky green interior (yeeeeech, again).  They did 
have a very handsome DB5 there, silver with a dark blue or black leather 
interior.  If I could have afforded either, I'd get the DB5, NO CONTEST.

-There was no Elise at the Lotus area.  There were four Esprit S4's (sp?).  
They win the flat windshield award again this year.  The cars look pretty 
old now with their wedge theme.  Huge instrument pannel on dash throws off 
the interior's balance.  Sort of sad display; cars roped off, no one seemed 
to car about them, young guy glumly sitting there, in an oversized tux.  All 
I really wanted to see was the Elise-even if they don't sell it in the US.

-No MGF in the Rover area.  Why not?  What's the big deal?  Just show us 
one!  I know you won't let us buy them.

-I saw the BMW Z3 for the first time: more retro than I realized from 
magazine photos.  Its nice, but over $30,000?  That would get me half an XJ6!

-There was a convertible Lambourghini Diablo; not I car I care for.  The 
silly thing was the fellow with the microphone was trying to impress 
everyone with the fact that it was the fastes car in the show (200+ mph) and 
also the most expensive (250,000+ $US).  Judging from the look of most 
Detroiters at the place, they weren't impressed.  Zowie: thats almost four 
XJ6's!!  (three parts cars).

-Last but by no means least: I'm still in *complete* shock as the car I was 
most interested in investigating for possible future purchase.  The identity 
of this car shall remain secret as my wife says it is irrefutable evidence 
of my yawning middle age.  Suffice it to say that it is, IMHO, the "new 
MkII," though it isn't made by Jaguar.  It is *astronomically* more 
expensive than I imagined, a bit over a third again as much.  I'm obviously 
living in the past when it comes to new car prices and I plan on getting 
back there as soon as I can...


...anyone out there got that perfect '67 B/GT resto project for sale?


Will "but that comes to $20 a day for six years!" Zehring

p.s. how about this: you send me a check for $1000 and I'll tell you what 
the name of my "dream/nighmare" car is.  How 'bout it?  There must be 44 of 
you out there who need to know!!!

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