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Re: clutch death - short story/ all lbc

Subject: Re: clutch death - short story/ all lbc
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 07 Jan 1996 09:15:50 -0600
In <>, David Councill wrote:

>I hope this was not too long winded (hopefully it was entertaining). So now
>I ask for suggestions so I can play with the car this weekend (repairing it
>that is). I have had the car for 13 years and even now it can throw some new
>things at me. But any ideas that will keep me from pulling the transmission
>out will be appreciated.
The way I see it (assuming your throwout bearing is good) you have two
possibilities.  (1) The push pin or the clevis is excessively worn.
This is the pin between the clutch fork and the slave piston, and the
clevis is the little dingus that connects it to the piston. The hole
in the pin should be round and a reasonably tight fit with the clevis.
The clevis should be perfectly round.  Replacing either or both of
these can be done with tranny in car and is inexpensive.  (2) The bad
news, but this is what usually happens.  The fork pivot bushing is
worn out.  This is manifested by lateral sloppiness in the fork arm,
which can be tested by wiggling the fork back and forth sideways.
There is usually some slop, but not a lot (say 1/8" or so).  If there
is more, you need a new bushing in the fork.  This requires removal of
the engine, though the tranny can stay in the car.  I usually prefer
to take both out as a unit and split them outside the car, but YMMV.

        Good luck!
                                A. B. Bonds

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