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FW: clutch death - short story/ all lbc

To: MGS <>
Subject: FW: clutch death - short story/ all lbc
From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 96 13:49:00 PST
Now that I am at home, I am pondering my next steps. Why would the slave
piston pop out? I rebuilt the slave cylinder last year and replaced the
hose. The clutch master cylinder was replaced with a new one some eight
years ago.

David -

I disagree with the clevis pin theory. In order for the slave cylinder 
piston to pop out, there must be excess pressure built up in the cylinder. 
This usually indicates a blockage in venting pressure back off the cylinder.

I would check that the master cylinder is free, and if there is a check 
valve (I don't know modern MGs), that it is releasing. Also, are you sure 
that the hose is still good? If this has deteriorated and partially 
collapsed internally, pressure may not be vented. This happens a lot on 
brake hoses.

Good Luck.

Lew Palmer

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