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Re: Clutch thowout bearings...

To: Lou Nevins <>
Subject: Re: Clutch thowout bearings...
From: Glenn Stauffer <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 10:20:56 -0400
Lou Nevins wrote:
> Yes, there is a ball bearing throwout. Contact Economy Forigen Car Parts (916)
> 324-1821

Thanks for that information!

> To: mgs
> From: REICHLE, CHRISTOPHER on Thu, Jan 11, 1996 3:05 PM
> Subject: RE: Clutch thowout bearings...
> I would guess that you stand on the clutch at lights? Don't do that and your
> problems will go away.

Wish it was that simple.  Out of four cars with manual transmissions, the 
Midget is 
the only one that ever needed clutch work.

Since the clutch system isn't as fragile as I've experienced, I have to lean 
some mechanical defect in my car (not my left foot!).  Any advice on what to 



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