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Looking for XK ???

To: "'MG & JAG Newsgroup'" <>
Subject: Looking for XK ???
From: "C. WESLEY GRADY" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 09:46:06 -0500
Ok, lets see if this gets me somewhere.  I am currently rebuilding =
(well, actually, I am writing the checks and someone else is rebuilding) =
a '56 MGA.  This is a birthday surprise for my wife and hopefully will =
be finished sometime in early May (her birthday is in June).

Once finished with this project, I want to rebuild a car for myself.  =
Since I am a little too large to fit comfortably in a Triumph, MG, =
Healy, etc., the only LOGICAL choice is a Jaguar (notice how I justified =
that?).  Anyway, I am looking for a solid, but unrestored XK =
120-140-150, roadster.  I am willing to accept any solid car that is not =
total rot, as we will be doing a frame up restoration.  I live in =
upstate New York (3 hours north of NYC) but would be willing to travel =
to look at, buy, or pick up the car.

No rush, so if you are thinking maybe you will unload it instead of =
restoring it, keep this message and let me know.

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