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Re: Looking for XK ???

Subject: Re: Looking for XK ???
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 12:43:48 -0500
  Anyway, I am looking for a solid, but unrestored XK =
> 120-140-150, roadster.  I am willing to accept any solid car that is not =
> total rot, as we will be doing a frame up restoration.  I live in =
> upstate New York (3 hours north of NYC) but would be willing to travel =
> to look at, buy, or pick up the car.
> No rush, so if you are thinking maybe you will unload it instead of =
> restoring it, keep this message and let me know.

I know of a '66 MK II that has taken trophies (even though it needs
some work) that is for sale (last time I saw the guy). It is in
Windsor, CT. I am Guessing but I seem to remember $5000 but could be wrong.
If you are interested let me know.

- -Mark

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