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Fuel Pump Failure: Conclusion

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Subject: Fuel Pump Failure: Conclusion
From: "John M. Trindle" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 18:15:48 -0500 (EST)

1) Delco fuel pump ran for a year no problem, except it was hot, so I 
replaced it with:

2) SU AZX 1301 which ran fine (and did shut itself off when pressure 
build, unlike the Delco) until it started getting cranky (hit with hammer 
to restart) and eventually failed completely. (2-3 months after purchase) I 
replaced it with:

3) Solid state replacement pump from Seven.  This ran OK except did not 
shut itself off with pressure, until Wednesday, when it got into a state 
where it would click once and then stop.

I tore down the SU, which would do nothing under voltage.  Point 
adjustment seemed fine, but there was LOTS of corrosion on the terminals 
inside the cap, and tarnish on the points themselves.  I cleaned it up 
and re-assembled, it works fine now.

When I started to take the solid state pump off, I opened the case to 
look for a throwover adjustment... I couldn't see one.  When I 
reassembled (pump is still in-line) the silly thing started working!!!

So here I am with a pump I know works but may need adjustment, which I 
have a book about and I understand how it works (due to tear-down).  And, 
I have a pump on the car which now works but failed suddenly in the 
recent past, and I can't tell exactly how it works.

I spent the next 45 minutes pumping gas out of the tank with the solid 
state pump (my siphon is too slow, and I don't have a container which 
fits under the car).  It was warm but never failed during that period!  I 
installed the SU and am off and running.

I think I have an intermittant electrical problem in the solid-state 
oscillator pack.  I am not enough of an electronic whiz to fix it in the 
parking lot, though <grin>.

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