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Why Is My Engine Cutting Out?

Subject: Why Is My Engine Cutting Out?
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 18:22:31 -0500
I went out today to start laying out a rally route for the local MG club.  It
was a great top-down spring-like day here in Houston, Texas (my apologies to
those who are still snowbound) and my 1977 Midget was running great...that is
until I had a brief but very distinct cut out in the engine.  I noticed that
the tach went dead at the moment of the cutout.  One or two splutters and the
engine was back in pace and I got home without any further episode.  This did
happen once before two or three weeks ago when I was accelerating onto the

I have electronic ignition and have replaced the module twice since the car
was new.  This cut out sort of reminded me of the problem I had before that
prompted me to replace the ingnition module except then it would completely
shut down for several minutes before it would restart.  

I can often fix things after I know what's wrong but I'm not very good at
diagnosis.  My guess is that the problem is in the electrics since the tach
died when the engine cut out.  Does it sound like these are the first moments
of failure for the electronic ignition or should I be looking elsewhere?  Any
input would be helpful.  

Thanks in advance.

Gary Watson   

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