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Brake light problem

To: mg list <>
Subject: Brake light problem
From: "Deffendall, Kelly, 403" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 96 10:12:00 PST
I have a question about an oddity on my 72 MGB.  I was told yesterday by 
following me that when I shift gears, my brakelights come on.   I looked 
but thought they were mistaken as there is no electrical stuff ( that I know 
of ) hooked
into the clutch system.  Last night I drove the car, looked over my shoulder 
sure enough, each time I pushed the clutch in, the brake lights come on. 
 The car
is a 72 MGB with a 78 O/D transmission.   Any net wisdom is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Kelly Deffendall

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