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Re: Brake light problem

Subject: Re: Brake light problem
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 96 09:08 PST
Kelly Deffendall wrote:

>I have a question about an oddity on my 72 MGB.  I was told yesterday >by
>following me that when I shift gears, my brake lights come on. 
      I believe the clutch and brake pedal are on the same pivot shaft. Is
it possible that as you depress the clutch that the movement of the pedal
actually moves the brake pedal enough to operorate the switch? 
Two things you might want to check.
 1/. Has the brake pedal return spring broken and or become disconnected.
This is located in the driver foot well at the point where the pedal goes
through the fire wall into the pedal box.
There is a metal tab to attach a return spring, (actually there are two, one
for the clutch and the brake).  The other end of the spring attaches to the
pedal, through a small hole in the back edge of the pedal,(nearest the
driver). The hole is almost at the point where the pedal goes into the pedal
 2/. Check the brake light switch adjustment. Maybe it is out of adjustment,
such that a very small movement of the pedal operates the switch. I don't
recall what the adjustment is, but it is in the manual. 
If you don't have a manual, get back to me and I will look it up for you.
Good luck. John  
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