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Re: temperature sending bulb

Subject: Re: temperature sending bulb
From: "SCHLINING.M.W-" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 96 13:18:16 EST
     I had the same problem with my MGA capillary tube.  I soaked it 
     extensively in WD-40 and was finally able to get it to turn "freely 
     "on the tube.  It however appears to be attached to the bulb in some 
     manner and won't slide up the tube.  
     If your are having trouble removing the sensor from the block, release 
     the gage from the dashboard and "straighten" out the capillary tube.  
     Have soneone turn the "free" gage as you turn the locking nut.  This 
     will keep you from breaking the capillary tube. This method worked for 
     me.  Good Luck.
     Marty Schlining
     57 MGA Coupe
     75 MGB

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Subject: temperature sending bulb
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Date:    1/15/96 12:56 PM

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          I have some safety gauges gleaned from some A series motors. 
          Anyone have any ideas of how to get the nut off the bulb of 
          the capillary tube without destroying the tube? I have them 
          soaking in rust buster right now.

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