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Re: temperature sending bulb

Subject: Re: temperature sending bulb
From: Don Mathis <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 14:32:49 -0500
At 12:56 PM 1/15/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Item Subject: cc:Mail Text
>          I have some safety gauges gleaned from some A series motors.
>          Anyone have any ideas of how to get the nut off the bulb of 
>          the capillary tube without destroying the tube? I have them
>          soaking in rust buster right now.
>          Alan
        Really old mechanics say to soak it in Coca-Cola !  Cheers-

Don Mathis
AT&T - Bell Laboratories
Norcross, Georgia
'61 MGA     '37 Bentley

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